Established in 2001

Shanghai Huate Packing, established in 2001, is a leading manufacturer of tinplate packing solution providers. Located in Shanghai Pudong, China, Shanghai Haute Packing has partnered with many large brands to launch products that are well-established in today’s marketplace

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Tin Packaging manufacturer In China

Shanghai Huate Packaging offers its customers the best tin packaging solutions. If you are interested in this product, tin packaging manufacturers are there to provide quality ones. Our manufacturing started in Shanghai Pudong, China, in 2001. Our primary goal is to introduce products that are well-known in the market.

Our products are upgraded because of our ongoing research and development. We make high-quality products using innovative machinery that ensures great efficiency and consistent production capacity.

We have also teamed with several well-known companies to advertise our products. We put a lot of effort into providing our partners with the greatest products and services possible.

What Do We Offer?

We supply best products to our clients based on our 20 years of experience as leading tin packaging manufacturers. Our clients can choose from the following products:

  • Aerosol spray can
  • Industrial chemical packaging
  • Milk powder can
  • Tinplate food packaging
  • Tin can
  • Cookie tin

We concentrate on creating high-end products and constantly seek to improve our packaging. We meet our clients’ deadlines by delivering products that meet their requirements. We deliver personalized and unique solutions.

With a good reputation, we strive to serve both local and international consumers. Through our products and services, we have earned our clients’ trust.

High-Quality Tin Box Manufacturers:

In China, Shanghai Huate Packing is a proud tin can supplier. We provide length and breadth, as well as regional experience, with operations in China that employ over 2,000 people.

As a tin box manufacturer, we guarantee world-class performance. We have industry-wide innovations that motivate us to do more.

All the above contribute to what we do best: assisting brands in their global expansion. Our commitment is one of the leading Chinese tin packaging manufacturers is to:

  • Help create successful new brands
  • Rejuvenate established brands
  • Drive business locally and globally.

Our Tin Can Manufacturer Advantages:

Usage Of Tins:

Mini candles, candy, money, beads, buttons, spices, paper clips, and other small crafts can all be stored in our tin can. They can also be used as a candle jar. We place a premium on adaptability to compete with the best tin can manufacturers.


The appearance of our tin can is that it is an empty container with a round border. It has the potential to reduce the danger of individuals being hurt. We ensure safety and make it simple to open and close tin cans as responsible tin can manufacturers.

Clear Top:

Without opening the lid, our spherical tin features a clear view window top. You can also locate the goods you require conveniently and swiftly. As reputable tin can manufacturers, we have lightweight, robust, and convenient-to-use tin cans.

Manufacturers of Tin Packaging:

Get the Tins You Require:

We have a competent and experienced team ready to assist you. We will get back to you as soon as possible to find out what you require from us as a tin box manufacturer. We can contact you if you email us your contact information.

We assist you in picking the appropriate tin can for your goods as one of the leading tin packaging manufacturers.

Availability of stock:

We have a storage facility. Unlike other tin can manufacturers, we can hold a supply of tin boxes. Each of our in-stock tin cans can be picked, packed, and delivered to you within the timeframe you specify.

We promise that we never run out of stock as one of the leading Chinese tin packaging manufacturers.

Information Basic information of Huate Packing Group

Huate Packing Co., LTD was established in 1985

Huate is a leading manufacturer of high quality tin plate cans in China

The total production area is more than 800,000 square meters

Stable quality, continuous improvement, on time delivery and customer satisfaction” is Huate’s quality policy

Huate has passed ISO9002 international certification in 1997 and Quality Management Systematic Certification, and got the America DOT Certification in 2009

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