3 Things To Know When Spraying Your Car Using Aerosol Spray

3 Things To Know When Spraying Your Car Using Aerosol Spray

3 Things To Know When Spraying Your Car Using Aerosol Spray

So you have just finished applying the first layer of paint you got from the aerosol can manufacturers to the car you have been restoring, and it looks fantastic. You did not know you possessed the ability to spray paint a car. The only issue is that you have run out of time and cannot apply the second coat. That shouldn’t be an issue; the automobiles are in a secure location, so you can get back to work next week. Simply place the caps on the spray cans and place them on the shelf for now.

Spray The Car:

After a week, you are ready to spray paint the automobile, or at very least get the second coat on. You are all prepared; you have taken the spray paint cans from the shelf and popped the lid off one of them. No matter how hard you press the spray can’s nozzle, nothing appears to come out. You can tell it is not empty since it feels almost full. It is then that you notice it is clogged.

Get a small piece of wire and wipe it out. After several attempts, you know it will not clear, so you chuck away a nearly full can of pretty costly spray paint. Then you recall something a friend told you about spray paints. Turn the can upside down and spray the paint for a few seconds after you have finished using it. On a piece of cardboard, you can do this. It will clean all the extra sprays from the nozzle, ensuring that it is not clogged the next time you use it.

Check For Leftover Paint:

When you went to spray paint a car, you didn’t expect the complications that could arise, but happily, you still have a few cans of paint remaining. You may think that your aerosol spray can be empty, but that is not true. After a few shakes, the paint finally comes out of the cans.

However, there is one significant flaw: the hue does not appear to be identical. The label claims it is the same hue, so what exactly is the issue? The color was probably not fully mixed because you didn’t shake it enough. You will hear the mixer ball inside the can rattle if you shake the can.

Shake for at least three to four minutes and give the can a good shake at regular intervals while spraying. This will keep your paint thoroughly mixed and ensure that the color is evenly distributed when you apply it. Remember that spray painting a car requires the same level of precision as painting a great piece of furniture.


Another thing to keep in mind is that spray painting a car is a major job, and you will most likely be weary afterward. Cleaning up is an important part, and that includes making sure the spray nozzle is clean. Another thing to keep in mind is to keep your paints in a secure location. Don’t leave them in a hot or cold environment.

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