Advantages Of Using Custom Metal Containers

Advantages Of Using Custom Metal Containers

Over the years, the food packaging business has seen numerous transformations. It all started in Bohemia in the 1200s with the first metal packing. Different custom metal containers began to emerge after that.


But what is it about metal packaging or containers that attracts food and beverage companies, like a milk powder can in metal packaging?

Tinplate food packaging is one of the most popular types of packaging. Food packaging methods for soft drinks, soups, and seasoning are preferences. Cosmetics, medications, and other items contain them.


Where to use it?

You’ll find metal everywhere if you walk along the aisles of a supermarket, large retailer, or hardware store. Metal can be used for a variety of things, including:

Aerosol spray: Hairspray, edible oil, spray paint, and air fresheners are among the products packaged in aerosol cans. Refillable aerosol spray can be airtight and leak-proof to function. Aerosol cans are typical of steel or aluminum.

Aluminum beverage cans: Aluminum beverage cans are commonly used to package soda, beer, and even wine. However, these cans are the most recycled type of aluminum product, accounting for over half of all cans recycled each year.

Canned foods: Canning foods extend their shelf life and make it more affordable for individuals to eat a nutritious diet.


The benefits of custom metal containers

In the ancient world, people stored their food in natural containers such as shells and grasses when they required containers. However, as new compounds came over time, metals and other packing materials became common.


  • Protection of the product
  • Sustainability
  • Durability
  • Size and shape variations


Protection of the product

Airtight custom metal containers are available such as milk powder cans for children. This feature helps to keep oxygen out of the product, which might degrade its quality. A metal container is good for storing them since it is opaque and prevents sunlight from reaching the object inside.


Aluminum and steel, for example, are both recyclable metals. Instead of utilizing fresh metal to manufacture new packaging, companies that use metal tinplate food packaging aim to employ at least 50% recycled resources.


Manufacturers would acknowledge that their goods’ durability is unbeatable. Metal can survive the ever-changing temperature, unlike most packaging materials, which deteriorate over time. Moisture, for example, may readily ruin the paper.

Size and shape variations

Metal containers made to order come in a variety of sizes and shapes. And this is the most appealing aspect of them. Refillable aerosol spray cans, for example, are available in a variety of sizes, while biscuit tin packaging is in a variety of shapes and sizes.


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