Milk Powder Can and Packaging

Top-Quality Milk Powder Can & Packaging Supplier

Shanghai Huate Packing (Huate) is one of Shanghai’s leading milk powder packaging manufacturers. Huate began as the most chosen cookie tin packaging provider and has now evolved into a well-known manufacturer of tin for newborn formula and infant cereal.

Why Is Milk Powder Packaging So Important?


Huate considers quality to be more than just following the rules. Our packaging is created solely in response to our client’s expectations and requirements. Not only the injection-molded products or metal containers but also the packing and distribution methods. Our quality keeps our customers coming back to us.


Your consumers will stay with you for more than a year without having to make any changes. Furthermore, our milk packaging ensures that you will never be left abandoned! The package life may differ depending on the end-user.

The Most Effective Control:

We provide exact and desired control wherever you need it as a dependable and best milk powder packaging manufacturer. In comparison to our competition, we provide the most user-friendly milk powder can.


Huate is a great option if you require elegant milk powder packaging for your customers. As one of the leading milk powder can manufacturers, we provide packaging that is ergonomically engineered to fit easily in any hand.

What Makes Our Milk Powder Can Unique?


Quality is always at the top of our priority list, but we back it up with a competitive price. We primarily serve B2B clients, thus we make every effort to keep our prices as low as possible. As a milk powder can supplier, we pride ourselves on being cost-effective.


When it comes to durability, you can count on us. Every batch of Huate’s milk powder is tested in our quality control lab. The lab ensures we create and provide our clients with error-free products. We also provide services of industrial chemical packaging, tinplate packaging, aerosol spray can, and cookie tins.


Since 2001, we have been a milk powder packaging supplier. We have a thorough understanding of who our customers are and what the market demands. As a result, you can relax knowing that you will not be left behind.

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