Specification of Aerosol cans

Type Diameter  (MM/Inch) Body Height


Dome Height


Neck-In Can 45D / 112# 93-220 5.2
Neck-In Can 52D / 202# 98-280 8.0/9.4
Neck-In Can 57D / 205# 95-280 10
Neck-In Can 60D / 207.5# 95-300 10
Neck-In Can 65D / 211# 95-300 13.5
Straight Wall Can 65D / 211# 95-300 20.27

Pressure Specification

We can meet requestment of standards as per different customers from different countries. Now we are following standards as below.

USA Deformation  Burst
2N 140PSI 9.66Bar 210PSI 14.49Bar
2P 160PSI 11.04Bar 240PSI 16.56ar
2Q 180PSI 12.42Bar 270PSI 18.63Bar
EUROPE Deformation  Burst
Standard 1 1.2Mpa 12.0Bar 1.44Mpa 14.4Bar
Standard 2 1.5Mpa 15.0Bar 1.8Mpa 18.0Bar
Standard 3 1.8Mpa 18.0Bar 2.16Mpa 21.6Bar
GB-2008 Deformation  Burst
Common 1.2Mpa 12.0Bar 1.4Mpa 14.0Bar
High Pressure 1.8Mpa 18.0Bar 2.0Mpa 20.0Bar

Style of Dome and bottom

lTo meets different markets and customers, Haute opened different sharps and sizes of dome and bottom.

Photo Description Photo Description
      Bottom for D45 ,D52 ,D57 ,D65NI ,D65SW      D65NI Top (H=20.27MM)
     D65NI Top (H=17MM)      D65SW Top(H=20.27MM)
    D65NI Top(H=13.5MM)         D45 Top (H=5.2MM)
  D52 Top (H=8MM)           D57 Top (H=10MM)

USA Can Specs Standard -1– According to CSPA

lUSA 202X708 NI 2Q

USA Can Specs Standard -2– According to CSPA

USA 211×604 SW 2Q

USA Can Specs Standard -3 – According to CSPA

USA 211×713 NI 2Q

  • All the lacquer material had past FDA certification by 3rd inspection organization
  • We have a record sheet to track the status of print and paint material, protect the stability of a material.